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Not everyone who has trouble paying bills needs to file a bankruptcy. If you live in Milwaukee or other parts of Wisconsin, you may be eligible for Wisconsin's Chapter 128. If your debt is out of control, call Credit Solutions at 866.872.8363. Our Wisconsin Chapter 128 lawyers will help find the solution that works best for you.

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Live in Milwaukee or other parts of Wisconsin? If your debt is out of control you may be eligible for Wisconsin's Chapter 128!

Chapter 128 Debt Amortization is also called debt consolidation or receivership. It allows you time to pay off unsecured creditors. You can include any unsecured debt including utilities, medical bills, credit cards and more!

By filing under Chapter 128 bankruptcy, you can prevent wage garnishment. You can even stop utility shut-offs, preventing the utility companies from disconnecting your lights or home phone. You can also stop bill collectors from calling.

In Chapter 128, you pay one monthly payment that can come right out of your paycheck or paid directly by you. You pay your balances back to the creditors in a plan up to in three years. If you want to pay more and pay off the debt sooner, there is no penalty for doing so.

There are lots of private companies who do debt consolidation. What they offer sounds just like a Chapter 128, but it isn't. Private debt consolidation companies have private arrangements with credit card companies. They can sometimes make a deal to lower your interest rates, but you will still be paying interest on your debt. With Chapter 128 law, the amount of money you owe stays exactly the same as the day you filed. Once you file, there is no added interest. Therefore, it's much easier to pay down your debt.

A Chapter 128 is a great way for people who have gotten into a tough spot to get their bills back under control without having to file a bankruptcy. Call our office for more information or to schedule your appointment with one of our bankruptcy lawyers today!

For Milwaukee Chapter 128 debt consolidation, contact the Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys of Credit Solutions, S.C. at 1-866-872-8363 today!

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